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On you can keep track of your car's gas mileage history. By tracking your mileage over time, you can see how much money you are spending on gas, how your car's gas mileage is developing, and paint a picture of the overall health of your car!

How does it work? keeps a track of your gas mileage with two simple steps. Fill up a tank of gas and write down the distance you drove since last time you filled. Then login and enter your gas reciept into the website database. Your gas mileage is automatically calculated and displayed. You can track individual fill-ups, or track gas mileage over time with easy to read charts and statistics.

Top 10 cars

Model Year MPG (US) MPG (IMP) l / 100 km
Mazda 626 2005 2,963.5 3,559.1 0.08
Nissan Versa 2008 374.5 449.8 0.63
Chevrolet Uplander 2008 295.4 354.7 0.80
Honda CBR125R 2008 101.5 121.9 2.32
Toyota Prius 2007 72.3 86.8 3.26
Toyota RAV4 2022 61.8 74.3 3.80
Smart Unspecified 2007 59.0 70.9 3.99
Select a make 1 2009 56.5 67.9 4.16
BMW Unspecified 2004 55.1 66.1 4.27
Toyota Prius 2004 53.3 64.1 4.41

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